Highest Paid Male Actors Of Bollywood

The salary or fees of Bollywood actors keeps on increasing year and after year on the basis of the hits they give in a year. So let us have a look at the list of most paid Bollywood Actors in 2016.The list is basically based on the earning reports and insights available in the media.

Salman Khan- 60 Crore

Salman Khan who is also referred to as the ‘Bhai’ of Bollywood is the highest paid Bollywood actor today. According to a report Salman Khan charges 60 Crore per movie in addition a share in the total earning of the movie. Critics say that he deserves every single penny that he charges because all the movie which he does earn success just because of him on screen.

Aamir Khan 45- 50 Crore

Aamir Khan is well known as Mr. Perfectionist as he chooses all the movies very carefully and this is the reason why is the 2nd highest paid Bollywood Actor today.  He charges around 50 crores per movie and a notable share in the profit of the movie. A lot of people say that he may compromise in the fees but he never compromises on the profit sharing. Looking at his box office results he deserves this sum in every right.

Shahrukh Khan- 40 to 45 Crore

Shahrukh Khan who is also known as King Khan earns 40-45 Crore per movie with an additional profit share in every movie. Most of his movies are oh home production so this salary is just a part of his earnings which he earns from his every movie.


website elements

Essential Elements Which Are Present In Every Good Website

A web design can prove to be an overwhelming process for a business which has a website and also for those who are looking to have a new one. But before that, you need to know which you need to have on your website and what you need to do for having a perfect website.

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Here are some elements which you should definitely have on your website.

A Logical Roadmap

It is likely that a website should be aesthetically pleasing, but it is also important that it should also be useful. So before picking on a server or type of HTML tag you should first map out how your website should work. This is pretty much vital for providing both user experience and for SEO,as now Google has started considering both content and structure of a site in its ranking criteria.

So it is advisable that you map out your design and run it to make sure that it makes sense and is intuitive.

Crucial Business Information

Most of the people fail in their website design because they try to develop a website which the want and not a website which they probably need.

Try to keep as much as possible minimum text on your website if you want to convey your mission effectively. So all you need is to have a few things on your website which falls into the category of “information”. Tailor your site so that it provides the information users are looking for.

So for creating a perfect web design it is a must that you include all these elements in your website.


Some Healthy Habits For Preventing Aging Of Skin

When a person gets old, their skin also wears out. The major cause for this is due to notable exposure to the sun and other factors. This means that if the right treatment is used aging can also be avoided.

A group of expert private dermatology consultants London have stated some healthy habits which you can use for preventing aging of the skin.

    • Sun is considered to be the major cause of skin aging. You can stop this damage by avoiding taking sunbath as any suntan mean damage of skin.

  • Whenever you go out always wear a sunscreen. Always go for a product which consists of SPF 15 or greater. Cover the hands and face as they are the most frequently exposed areas.
  • Avoid going out between 10 a.m and 3 p.m as at that time the rays are the strongest.
  • A research says that people who smoke stand the highest chance of facing skin aging as toxic chemicals inhaled via smoking result into lowering of blood flow to the face. This way lead to wrinkles.
  • Avoid eating junk foods and instead, consume as much as healthy food possible. As vitamins and various other nutrients can vitally help in repairing skin which is damaged due to the sun.
  • Alcohol consumption is also considered bad for skin and health as well. People who drink excessively tend to avoid eating a healthy diet which results in skin damage as it does not receive the required nutrients. So it is advisable that you should quit drinking alcohol if you want to repair your skin.

Skin is the most sensitive part of our body so it is likely that it will be the one which will be majorly affected by infections. So you should take special care to make sure that your skin does not get damaged.


Some Amazingly Awesome Bollywood Facts Which Were Never Heard Before

Bollywood means glamour, gossip, paprazzi and well-kept secrets. If you think that you know Bollywood from inside and out, then here’s a list of some most unknown facts which will seriously blow your mind!

1. Waheeda Rehman has played the role of both mother and lover to Amitabh Bachchan. She has played the role of his love interest in ‘Adalat’ (1976) and mother in ‘Trishul” (1978).

2. Aamir Khan’s ‘Lagaan’ consisted the maximum number of British actors ever to be cast in a single movies in the history of Bollywood cinema.

3. Sunil Dutt initially was a RJ for Radio Ceylon and had a wish of interviewing his favorite actress Nargis. But he could not utter a single word in front of her and the interview had to be canceled. Years later, when he finally got a chance to work with her in ‘Mother India’ (1957), they fell in love and got married.

4. In the film ‘Heroine,’ Kareena Kappor wore over 130 different dresses by top fashion designers from all over the world. It has been reported that Kareena’s wardrobe for the film was one of the most expensive out of all the Bollywood movies ever created.

5. Originally Saif Ali Khan was the first choice for Shahrukh Khan’s role in ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. In fact it is harder to believe that Tom Cruise was approached for the role of Raj Malhotra.

6. ‘Rockstar’ was shot in reverse, with the climax being shot first. Reason: The film makers did not wished to mess Ranbir Kapoor’s hairstyle.

7. Anil Kapoor’s family lived in Raj Kapoor’s garage when they first moved to Mumbai. Later, they shifted to a room in one of the Mumbai’s middle-class suburbs.

8. Raj Kapoor’s ‘Mera Naam Joker’ was the 1st Hindi movie to have not one but two intervals!


The Secret Trick To Affording Private Jet

Which other moments you count in your life that makes you feel like you have made it more than stepping foot onto a private jet and ready to fly away on a luxurious holiday? Yes, business class is certainly enjoyable and First class is even more heavenly, but there is no ego-boosting way to travel on a plane entirely on your disposal.

Private Jets are no longer for the exclusive use of millionaire businessmen or sports athletes thanks to the two words: Empty Legs. When private jet lands at destination, the plane needs to return to base just as commercial jets do. But the commercial planes return with hundreds of people on board, while the private jets go back completely empty.

Empty legs are new way to earn something extra on those empty seats of returning private jets charters. And, you can hire a private jet for hugely discounted rates in returning.

There are large number of firms who offer empty leg fares for private jet to dubai. But, booking an empty leg is not just about having the empty cabin for yourself. There is more than that. Want to take your pet? Go ahead. Don’t worry about arriving at airport 2 hours before for security and immigration. And, you can also relax in leather chair, beds, showers, cinemas at your disposal 30,000 ft above the ground. You can enjoy dinner with sterling silver cutlery and drink tea from chine mugs.

Yes, Empty leg flight is one-way only. That means that when you land in style, you need to find your own way to your home. But it means either you can book a second empty leg or slum it with a commercial airline, but it’s better to do enough scouring the internet and you will surely find an empty leg deal that will make your dream come true of traveling in a private jet. And that feeling of flying alone? Dream come true right?

If you have been thinking about hiring a private jet for next meeting or vacation or any other event, finding an empty leg is a great way to both, save money and making dream do happen of flying in a private jet. Treat yourself with an enjoyable and safe trip with an empty leg because after all, you deserve it.

andaz apna apna

Evergreen Bollywood Movies Which Can Never Be Forgotten

Whether it was the monotonous summer holidays or self-acclaimed non-working days of winters, these movies have always been a part of our lives and that too an indispensable one. Our tedious foods would have taken a lot of time to complete if these movies were not on our TV sets.

Here are a list of some evergreen movies which excite us today also when we watch them.

  • Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

This movie was the directorial debut movie of Karan Johar which later on catapulted him to cloud nine. The movie very amazingly portrays the innocence of a daughter and love for her father which led this movie to achieve historic success.

This movie also gained its fame by reformulating the idea of love triangle in such a that it provided a new dimension to other writers to think upon. This movie created the romantic image of Shahrukh Khan and led him to be known as the King Of Romance.

This is another “Prem” movie saga of Salman Khan which was made by Rajshri Productions. This was the first Bollywood movie to collect more than 1 billion INR. Still today Hum Aaple Hain Kaun is remembered as one of the most purest and innocent love stories of all times. It showcases beautiful Indian ethics, ideology, values and traditions.

Like all other Barjatiya movies this movie was also full family movie which today also people love to watch.

  • Andaz Apna Apna

This movie is considered to be a masterpiece movie in the Bollywood and one of the best cult comedies ever made in India. This is a gem by Rajkumar Santoshi which still manages to appeal the audience.

The comic timing of Salman and Amir stands a capability to give stomach aches to its audience and who can forget characters like Teja aka Paresh Rawal, Crime master Gogo aka Shakti Kapoor and Bhalla Aka Shehzad Khan.